Fitomite solution 100ml

Fitomite solution 100ml
Fitomite solution 100ml
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FITOMITE solution was applied to destroy Kokoshinkite -Dermanyssus galline the body of the bird. FITOMITE solution is based on natural plant extracts that make the blood of birds indigestible so Dermanyssus galline (Kokoshinkite) can not absorb the blood with which the feed and thus stops them from multiplying / reproducing /.
     Dosage and administration: All species
      Dissolve carefully FITOMITE solution in the drinking water. FITOMITE solution should be applied from the second week after the onset of lay at a dose of 0.5 l. Of 1 ton of drinking water for laying hens corresponding approximately to the daily consumption of water than 5 000 laying hens for 6 consecutive days.
                  Regimen with other species:
 first application:

-6 consecutive days
After treatment:
after 15 days - one day
after 4 weeks - 1 day
after 4 weeks -1 days

Repeat the treatment every 4 weeks for 1 day until completion of the production cycle. FITOMITE solution is designed to rescue farms with birds and laying hens. FITOMITE solution is no waiting period and no eggs residues of the preparation - does not lose PRODUCT! FITOMITE solution is designed precisely to rescue farms are heavily infested kokoshinki!
      Without prescription

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