Raising programs / Prophylaxis drug program of rabbits for fattening

Program drug prophylaxis of rabbits for fattening
Weaning: 28-30 days of age.
    This is one of the riskiest periods of his life in rabbits. Influenced by the stress of weaning and the formation process coprophagia.
Very often in this period arise diseases (enterotoxemia, colibacillosis disease "Tayzer" and others.). A major predisposing factor is the overfeeding of mixtures, grain feed, etc., The lack of roughage (hay, alfalfa, etc.).
        To avoid these problems in the rabbit and to improve the growth rate is necessary to apply IMMUNOBETA with feed at a dose of 400-500 c. 100 kilograms furazh.IMMUNOBETA is included in the feed more than the period of the fret to rabbits (20-day). thereby avoiding problems caused by enterobacteria such as E.coli and Clostridium perfringens, strengthens the immune system develops the intestinal flora, improves the utilization of the feed and fattening, as well as eliminating the need of treatment with an antibiotic. IMMUNOBETA, preventing stress at weaning the most - often manifested by swelling.
          We further recommend that the following scheme of treatment during and after weaning of rabbits:

Old days Preparation
30-33 day METAFISIOL 3 ml. 1 l. water
33- 38 days ANTIBIOTIC (OTC 50%, doxycycline, F-quinolones)
38-45 day METAFISIOL 2 ml per 1 l of water + PANTOSAL NEW 1 ml per 1 l. Water
50 days Vaccination against haemorrhagic disease
50-54 days METAFISIOL 2 ml. 1 l. water
55-58 day * SANAJOD 1 ml. 2 l. water
58-62 day ANPROSOL AD3E + Ca 1 ml. 1 l. water

SANAJOD applied as a coccidiostat. It is recommended that the application of SANAJODezhemesechno of 4 days at a dose of 1 ml of 2L water, mainly in private farms. The combined application every month for five days at the same time na METAFISIOL 2ml of 1 liter of water + PANTOSAL 1ml of 1 liter of water prevents mineral deficiencies, reducing the risk of digestive problems provides fast growth and good fattening at the end of the period.
'* It is recommended that a mandatory disinfection of the cells after their release with SANAJOD at a dose of 5 ml per 1 liter of water after a mechanical cleaning. Upon occurrence of coccidiosis can proceed to disinfection with SANAJOD at a dose of 1 ml per 1 liter of water in the presence of rabbits.
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