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To block (interruption) and postponement of estrus in dogs and cats; soothe sexually aroused male dogs and cats and the related changes in behavior (satiriazis); in miliary eczema in cats. Megestrolat is a semisynthetic derivative of progesterone progesterone-like action (progestogen). Suppresses the secretion of hormones from the hypothalamus gonadorelizing, respectively, of gonadotropins (follicle and lugeinizirasht) of Adenohypophyseal, maturation of follicles and ovulation. Prepared similar state of pregnancy occurs without oestrus. Active is an internal prilozhenie.Produktat has anti-estrogenic, anti-ovulatory and antifertiliteten effects.
Do not apply nedostignali puberty dogs and cats; Do not use in pregnant bitches and cats and pseudopregnancy; in bitches and cats gynecological disorders hormonal basis and gynecological infections.
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