K-Otrin SC 25 100 ML.

K-Otrin SC 25 100 ML.
K-Otrin SC 25 100 ML.
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K-Autry SC 25 100ml. against cockroaches

K-Othrine® SC 25 is a suspension concentrate comprising 25 g / l of deltamethrin. The particles have a similar size to those in the finest emulsions insecticide, but in contrast to them is not immediately absorbed by the surfaces. These particles remain on the surface, ready for contact with insects, providing a prolonged-effect.

K-Othrine® SC 25 is a broad-spectrum insecticide suitable for control of a wide range of pests including: cockroaches, fleas, ants, bedbugs, flies and mosquitoes, butterflies, moths, earwigs and other insects. It contains deltamethrin, one of the most powerful insecticides from the group of synthetic pyrethroids.

K-Othrine® SC 25 is a product which acts as a wettable powder in terms of residual activity, but is used with ease and convenience of a liquid. Unlike the wettable powder particles damage not visible.
It acts quickly against insects by spraying directly or through residual activity.
Penetrates the cuticle of the insect and quickly causes intoxication, stunning and death

Flying insects 15-20m in 5l water
Crawling insects 25-50ml. in 5l. water

Manufacturer: BAYER
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