Quatersan 1L

Quatersan 1L
Quatersan 1L
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                                UNIVERSAL BIOCIDAL PREPARATION
     1. Main advantages: * Increased cleaning power * Proven efficacy against bacteria and fungi * Suitable for cleaning surfaces and equipment * Neutral pH * Used in all food production and trade establishments, health and medical establishments, veterinary establishments, incl. livestock and transport facilities. * For professional and mass use
    2. Composition: Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-16-alkyldimethyl, chlorides
    3. Instructions for use: The preparation is administered in the form of aqueous working solutions at concentrations of 0.5% - 1.5%. Disinfection is carried out by spraying or wiping the previously cleaned surfaces with:
* manually prepared 0.5% -1.0% working solution of QUATRIZAN at higher concentrations may be necessary in cases of large dirt with a strong fungicidal effect. Use a low pressure spray gun or steam jet to spray all surfaces with expense standard for smooth surfaces 100 - 150 ml / m2, for porous surfaces 180 - 200 ml / m2. The exposure time is 15 - 20 minutes, after which all treated surfaces are rinsed with abundant drinking water.
* Handmade 1.5% solution for veterinary facilities, hatcheries and incubators for 30 minutes with bactericidal and fungicidal action.
* 0.5% working solution for wiping slightly soiled surfaces: refrigerators, showcases, countertops, etc., in case of good rinse or washing of the cloth, before each abrasion, exposure 30-60 minutes. Ensure good ventilation of the treated premises.
   4. Precautions: Before disinfecting with the biocide preparation QUATRIZAN, observe the safety and precautionary precautions listed in the data sheet

Safety / MSDS / and Marketing Authorization. * Do not inhale aerosol * In case of contact with eyes, immediately wash out with plenty of water and seek medical advice. * Wear personal protective equipment - Work clothing, gloves and eye / face protection * children * In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice and show the label if possible. 5. Packaging: Plastic bottle of 1 liter.
                          Plastic tube of 10 l.
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