Glutarsan 1L

Glutarsan 1L
Glutarsan 1L
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    Broad-spectrum glutaraldehyde-based biocide and quaternary ammonium compounds, a successful combination for absolute disinfection
    Glutaraldehyde 100 g
   Benzalkonium chloride 200 g
  Holds up to 1000 ml.
     Thanks to its two-component formulation, GLUTARSAN is a double-acting biocide preparation: Benzalkonium chloride (sanitary agent) acts on the pathogenic organism by lysing its cell wall and, on the other hand, by degreasing, cleaning and deodorizing it. Glutaraldehyde neutralizing agent) is the bactericidal, viral and fungicidal (including spore-forming) action component. , GLUTARSAN is stable in temperature changes, is not affected by pH, is not corrosive, has high biodegradability and does not leave spots after disinfection. The bacterial action of GLUTARSAN is immediate and the bacteriostatic action in sanitary treatment is continuous solution concentration 0.1% - 0.5%. When disinfecting with GLUTARSAN without rinsing, it forms a bacteriostatic layer on treated surfaces that prevents the development of microorganisms.
       Main advantages of GLUTARSAN:
      * Increased cleaning power
      * Proven bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects
      * Suitable for cleaning surfaces and equipment that are in contact with food
      * Used in all establishments for food production and trade, in health and medical establishments, industrial sites, veterinary surgeries and clinics, livestock farms, transport vehicles, hatcheries and incubators, sewer pipes, vehicle disinfection sites
  * For professional and widescreen use
        Dose and instructions for use: Before disinfection, the rooms and all surfaces should be cleaned mechanically. GLUTARSAN is given as aqueous working solutions at concentrations of 0.5% - 2.0% by spraying or wiping with a cloth or sponge.
        * 0.5% - 1.0% GLUTARSAN working solution for veterinary plants, farms, hatcheries and incubators for 30 minutes with bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal action.
        * 2.0% glutarsan working solution against mycobacteria (M.avium)
        * 0.1% - 0.5% GLUTARSAN working solution for sanitary processing
        * 0.5% GLUTARSAN working solution for wiping of slightly soiled surfaces: refrigerators, showcases, countertops, etc., in case of good rinse or washing of the cloth, before any abrasion, exposure 30 - 60 minutes. The treated surfaces are wiped with a wet cloth.
         * cleaning of grease and lime deposits on surfaces, production facilities and installations with subsequent disinfection:
            On greasy surfaces: Lubricate the oily surfaces with 0.5 -1.0% aqueous solution of GLUTARSAN. After application, provide a 20-30 minute action time for the solution to react with fat, then rinse thoroughly with potable water.
          To remove limestone deposits: Spray the surfaces with 1.0% aqueous solution of GLUTARSAN. After application, an action time of 20-30 minutes is provided for the solution to react with the limestone
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